ICO Akaiito


AKAIITO is a P2P platform that uses the C2C business model. Akaiito will combine 4 parts: Online market, Rent (cars and apartments), Services and Online map. The basis for all transactions will be a smart contract. Currency for payment — AIC

Total number: 30 million
Price for ICO: 0.001 ETN
Ticker: AIC
Standard token: ERC20

1 ETH = 1000 AIC
(HARD CAP) 20 000 ETH

Project details

Over the past millenniums, people’s use of the monetary system is based on commodity money. Fate money has appeared in the last thousand years. The newest type of money is the crypto currency — a decentralized monetary system.

Evolution of money

Crypto currency is able to solve two of the eternal problems of the monetary system: counterfeiting (it is impossible to forge a crypto currency) and «The task of Byzantine generals» (the interaction of several remote subscribers who received orders from one center, developing a unified strategy that will be beneficial for subscribers).

As of January 1, 2017, the total value of all crypto-currencies is $ 18 billion. The year 2017 increased it by 1600%. Such growth requires the ability to use crypto money in the real world. Of the 1000 owners of crypto currency, it is used as a payment instrument for no more than 50 people. The problem is face. Its solution is Akaiito, a platform that will unite people around the world.


Akaiito is a collection of platforms integrated into an ecosystem that has a single crypto currency as payment system, which it is possible to pay for the purchase of goods and services.

Akaiito – use cryptocurrency in everyday life

Akaiito will combine the whole set of tools that help people get the necessary product or service, no matter how far they are from each other, will shorten the distance between them to one click.

Akaiito not only actively works on the development of its platform, but has far-reaching plans. Soon after the launch, users will have the opportunity: to enter into contracts for discounts; to become participants in a special forum for collecting ideas for development, where the main issue will be — what do you want to see in AKAIITO ?; conclude an online deal to rent a car or a car.

Upon completion of the transaction within the framework of Akaiito, each of the parties to the transaction will be able to leave a feedback about the other party, available for reading to all Akaiito participants. Commission for transactions in Akaiito will be 3%, of which 1% will be returned to the buyer through the cash back system.

The era of fiat money is going away, the crypto currency is waiting for its time. Crypto money will make our life more convenient and effective, and leave us a little more free time. Akaiito has all the characteristics that can help us enter the new era of the Digital Age.





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