MangoStartups ICO

MangoStartups the first ICO in Latin America with venture capital support

In recent years, there have been a lot of talk about new innovative forms of investment, but these ecosystems have emerged all over the world, among the hype, when little attention is paid to two serious problems that underlie the business of venture capital:

  • reduction of liquidity at the output,
  • long term illiquid period.

Mango Startups seeks to change this, because it refers to the blocking to respond to the liquidity problem.

Today, Mango Startups announced the launch of the first initial coin (ICO) for the venture capital investment fund in Latin America. Mango Startups will use blockchain technology to allow interested investors in the early stages to invest in promising technology companies.

The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of up to 24 technological start-ups from various Latin American countries. The goal is to ensure transparency and liquidity, as well as a clear exit strategy for investors.

Our main mission is to democratize venture investments and to change the traditional venture capital industry for start-ups and investors. We add value to start-ups and investors through a proven track record of coaching methodology and due diligence. We want to ensure liquidity, transparency and inclusiveness on the blockbuster, «comments Ami Lebendiker, Founding Partner of Mango Startups.

The MangoStartups team coordinates the Business Accelerator Network in Latin America (RETEI). With more than 8 business accelerators and more than 1000 start-ups, this network provides a huge pool of talented entrepreneurs and scalable projects to choose from.

To minimize risk and maximize revenue, all start-ups in the portfolio must meet these requirements:

  • Finished the provided accelerator program.
  • Maintaining a positive cash flow of at least 6 months
  • Provided a service platform or product that has a high scalability at the global level. Only the best companies will receive investments and become part of the portfolio of Mango Startups.

This initiative allows interested investors to gain access to diversified portfolios of high-potential high-tech companies, investment liquidity from the first day.

Despite the fact that crowdsourcing has attracted investments for the public, we hope that Mango Startups, with its liquidity and exclusivity, will attract more and more people to invest in a growing region such as Latin America, while avoiding the inherent risk of investing in one launch or ICO, «said Fernando Arriola, Chief Financial Officer of Mango Startups.

A token based on Ethereum will be available for exchange of crypto-currencies after the end of the ICO.

Advantages of the tokenization of VC investments:

Terms Token Sale MangoStartups

  • The maximum purchase amount during the pre-sale is 10,000,000 Mango tokens
  • The cost of the token is 0.10 $
  • The minimum purchase amount is 10,000 tokens
  • Mango Bonus during pre-sale — 33%
  • Pre-sale period: from March 1, March 20, 2018

Token Sale MangoStartups

Official site of the project

On the official site you can get additional information about the platform and take part in crowdsale when it opens.

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