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Overview of the ArcBlock platform — the principles of block 3.0

The technology of blocking is one of the most discussed topics over the past year. For many it is seen as a well-studied space, but this is far from being the case. Until now, most of its prospects have not yet been revealed, and basically only basic, initial tools are used. The reasons for this are many and the main is the difficulty of working with the block for most ordinary users.

The blocking ArcBlock, unlike its predecessors, is not a separate API package, which is understandable only to a narrow circle of specialists, but a whole platform designed to facilitate the work with the blockchain of the general public. In addition, there is a need to solve known problems of technology, which become a serious problem for distribution.

The problems of technology at this stage of development

Performance. The most urgent problem of the network of blockers remains low productivity. At the moment, the most popular blockboys are capable of processing only a couple of dozen transactions per second. Modern applications based on this technology attract millions of users and this requires very high speeds. Only one more popular game CryptoKitties, significantly slowed the speed of the network Ethereum. This has become a real challenge to technology. The developers of the application even had to introduce an additional tax to limit the number of smart contracts being created. Delays in processing lead to a serious loss of confidence in the system in comparison with competitors.

Lack of user-friendly interface. Working with the block, even if it’s just an entertaining application, requires serious knowledge and attention to safety. Opening a purse, buying a currency all this is quite vulnerable to intruders and the user simply has to deal with it. To further increase the popularity of technology, applications should become as simple as all those that we simply install to ourselves on the phone or computer, with the push of a button.

The cost. Any, even insignificant, action in the blockade costs money. This does not give developers the opportunity to introduce at least some free services. There is a need to create a free platform that gives the possibility of wide distribution of applications. The creators should be able to monetize the services, rather than force the user to pay only for participating in the network.

Limitation by one platform. Any application is tied to the platform of the block, for which it was developed. This is due to the fundamental differences between the protocols. The transition to another block is extremely laborious, and this repels the creators of the programs. You need cross-platform tools and even use multiple platforms in the same application. This will significantly expand the functionality and versatility.

Insufficient functionality. Despite the growing positive opinion about the applications for blocking, which is supported by various media resources, the current functionality is extremely low. And even the infinite possibility of the appearance of new forcs, which is represented as a blessing, only delimits computational resources and confuses society.
The problems of technology at this stage of development

Advantages of the ArcBlock platform

The ArcBlock platform is designed to solve most of these problems thanks to a fundamentally new interface. A single platform combines the advantages of blockchain and cloud computing. The possibilities of creating applications will greatly stimulate developers to move to the ArcBlock site.

The functions of the miners are no longer limited only by the calculation of new chains, henceforth they are full-fledged platform builders providing reusable components and services. Provision of computing power will be encouraged by tokens, which will allow the network to grow independently.
Advantages of the ArcBlock platform
The creators of the platform claim that they only need to launch the technology, then the network will start to develop independently, and each participant will contribute to the overall development.

Features of Block 3.0

The implementation of the Open Chain Access Protocol makes possible the connection between various protocols of blocking. Even free switching between them is assumed. This completely solves the problems of binding to one platform. The emerging new blockbuster will be easily mastered by ArcBlock.

Another revolutionary solution will be the implementation of the Blocklet protocol. Blocklet is a component of high-level applications created to take advantage of serverless architectures and is applied, either on any platform or in any language. From now on, the calculations are made both inside and outside the network. This will allow to abandon the low-performance virtual machine and use all the capabilities of the platform. This is a serious step towards the blockade of the third generation.

BLOCKLET is the core of the system. The Blocklet components are prebuilt blocks that form the basis of the ArcBlock platform. They built all the services used. The developer only needs to select the finished component and include it in his application. New components can be created by network members and distributed using the ArcBlock Marketplace.

ArcBlock runs both from the cloud and on the local machine. This gives a unique opportunity for development and is fundamentally different from the limited functions of the blockbuster of previous generations.
Features of Block 3.0
ArcBlock is built with an emphasis on user-friendly interface. Access to applications users can easily get directly from the browser. Developers also no longer need to understand the low-level protocols of individual chains. Development and testing will be simple, thanks to the Arcblock mock-up adapters.

The ArcBlock gateway uses decentralization to protect communication channels. All applications can work in both web browsers and mobile applications.

The gateway supports various network protocols by default, including WebSocket, DDP, HTTPS and MQTT. In addition, developers can make their own protocols for enhanced capabilities.

Official video presentation from the project developers

ArcBlock Roadmap for 2017-2018

Roadmap ArcBlock

  • In 2018, it is planned to launch the first application on ArcBlock for selected clients.
  • In 2019, the first public presentation of the working platform will be held.
  • In 2020, a public launch for iot, a smart home and support for the «smart city» application.
  • In 2021, the adoption of the protocol of blocking at the level of operating systems.
  • In 2022 ArcBlock will become an open source service for programmers with support for DAO / DAC.

Details of the ICO ArcBlock

  • Token — ABT Standard — ERC20
  • The basic cost of the tokens: 1 ETH = 1900 ABT (minimum investment threshold 0.1 ETH, maximum 50 ETH)
  • The maximum number of tokens produced is 186,000,000 ABT
  • Period of sale — from 03.02.2018 to 10.02.2018
  • Softcap — 12000 ETH
  • Harfcap — 37500 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT (Cybermiles Token)
  • Please note, in Token Sale, you can only participate by appointment in the White List on the project website.

ABT token allocation

ABT token allocation

Official resources of the platform

  • The site of the project —
  • WhitePaper and technical details —

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